Astra Premium Sites Plugin + Agency Demos


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Product Version : 3.6.8
Product Last Updated : 18.05.2022
More Awesomeness Features Of Astra Pro:
Mega Menu – With Astra you can create interactive mega menus that are user-friendly and attractive.
More Header Designs – You can choose from various headers like a sticky header, the transparent header, etc.
Spacing Control – Manage spacing within layouts and modules to create a beautiful and readable website.
WooCommerce Designer – Astra is the perfect WordPress theme to build a fast and clean WooCommerce store quickly.
Footer Widgets – You can choose from various footer layouts and add widgets to make it more attractive.
Hooks & Filters – Hooks and filters allow you to customize everything on a website to make it your own.
Page Headers – Add and customize the above, below and primary headers on your website pages.
5 Star Support – With a dedicated troop of developers, you can be assured of timely support & updates.



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